f(x)’s Victoria Explains Why She Calls SuJu’s Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun “Oppa”

f(x)’s Victoria Explains Why She Calls SuJu’s Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun “Oppa”

On July 17, f(x)’s Victoria appeared on SBS “Strong Heart” and explained why she calls Super Junior’s Eunhyuk andKyuhyun “oppa,” when they’re the same age or younger. (“Oppa” is a word that a younger girl uses to call an older male).

At first, Eunhyuk brought up the issue by saying, “Victoria’s my friend, but she keeps calling me ‘oppa.’ I was born in 1986 and Victoria’s born in early 1987. In Korean age, we’re the same age, but she keeps calling me ‘oppa.’” (In Korea, if you’re born before March, you’re considered the same age as people born in the previous year).

“Victoria’s also friends with BoA. In fact, she even calls Kyuhyun, who’s younger than her, an oppa,” Eunhyuk said, as he asked why she does that.

Victoria answered, “I call whoever debuted earlier than me either oppa or unni. Actually, I used to call Girls’ Generation members unnis, too.”

Kyuhyun added, “She always called me oppa, so I thought she was younger than me. But she’s a nuna. After finding it out, our relationship kind of got awkward. But she made me feel comfortable being called ‘oppa,’ so now we’re back to being good friends.”



source: allkpop

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