MBLAQ’s Mir bursts into tears on ‘Hello Baby’

MBLAQ‘s Mir cried his heart out in the arms of his group leader, Seungho.

On the February 9th episode of KBS Joy‘s ‘Hello Baby‘, the boys received help from a child counseling professional. The purpose of the visit was to help their daughter Dayoung open up more and learn how to better express her feelings.

Dayoung, who cried on episode 3 because of Mir, explained her feelings about the incident to the counselor, causing Mir (who was watching her through the monitor) to tear up with remorse. The idol felt overwhelmed by sorrow and had to receive comfort from his hyung, Seungho.

After crying his heart out, Mir composed himself and began to actively re-build his relationship with Dayoung for the better.

source: allkpop



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