My Top Korean Drama 2011 ♥ you will Love it ♥

Color Of Woman 1 English Sub & 2 Raw

What’s Up? 1-3 Raw

Queen Insoo 1-3 Raw

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop 12 Eng Sub

 The Musical 12 Eng Sub & 13 Raw

 Boku to Star no 99 Nichi Episode 7 Eng Sub

In Time with You 12 Eng Sub

Hooray for Love 41 Eng Sub & 42-43 Raw

Nazotoki Wa Dinner No Ato De 6 Eng Sub & 7-8 Raw

Zenkai Girl 10 Eng Sub & 11 Raw

 Kaito Royale 1 Eng Sub & 2-5 Raw

Can’t Lose 1-18 Eng Sub

Poseidon Episode 1-16 Eng Sub

Hana Kimi Remake Episode 1-11 Eng Sub

Protect The Boss Episode 1-18 Eng Sub

The Princess Man 1-24 Eng Sub & Special Raw

Heartstrings 1-15 Eng Sub Completed //Heartstrings Special 1 Eng Sub

Spy Myung Wol 1-18 Eng Sub //Spy Myung Wol Special Raw

Ikemen Desu Ne 1-11 Eng Sub

Ouran High School Host Club 1-11 Eng Sub

Scent of a Woman 1-16 Eng Sub

Hayate The Combat Butler 1-13 Eng Sub

City Hunter 1-20 Eng Sub

Lie To Me 1-16 Eng Sub

Romance Town 1-20 Eng SUB

Can You Hear My Heart 1-30 Eng Sub

The Greatest Love 1-16 Eng Sub

Baby Faced Beauty 1-20 Eng Sub

49 Days 1-20 Eng Sub

Muscle Girl 1-10 Eng Sub

Paradise Ranch 1-16 Eng Sub

Dream High 1-16 Eng Sub

Royal Family 1-18 Eng Sub

Secret Garden Episode 1-20 Eng Sub

this is my Top Dramas 2011 I hope you like it too 🙂

when I have forgotten a drama Post it. thank you ♥


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Hey guys I'm Maya(Maryam,Maria) and I'm living in Germany but I was born in Asia.(Y) ..=D .. please..please..please leave comments I want to know, if you like my posts.
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One Response to My Top Korean Drama 2011 ♥ you will Love it ♥

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ich mag auch die meisten der Dramen.

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