10 best Korean drama my Top 10

My Top 10 Korean drama and the Newest Drama is City Hunter.

I Hope you like it too


You’re Beautiful

Oh! My Lady

Full House

Mischievous Kiss

King of baking


Sungkyunkwan Scandel

Mary Stayed Out All Night


City Hunter

the trailer


Can you hear my Heart


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181 Responses to 10 best Korean drama my Top 10

  1. leeza says:

    don’t forget king of high school…the best for this year

  2. Saranya says:


  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    1.secret garden 2. My love frm the stars 3. Coffee prince4. Boys over flowers 5. My lovely kim sam soon 6. My gf is a gumiho7.heartstrings8.bride of the century 9. You re beautiful 10.love rain

  5. ..my t0p3 favorite kdrama:
    1.You’re beautiful(i love geunshin couple and i love A.N.Jell)
    2.Heartstring(ilove the all song of this kdrama and i love the storyY!!,it’s all about music..luv yAh!!
    3.the heirs,(i love shin hye…)

    ..lUv ds all!!

  6. love koreans says:

    My top10 korean dramas 1.playful kiss (so cute kim hyung joong)2.boys over flowers(rocking f4 lee min ho and kim hyung joong)3.you are beautiful(my cute jang kuen suk love u…)4.love rain(nice story of two generation)5.mary me marry(cute prince jang kuen suk i love his hair)6.lie to me(nice story and funny to watch) 7.city hunter(manly lee min ho cute love story i love it)8.my girlfriend name is gumiho(i cried a lot and laughed too very nice)9.heart string(i love all the songs i love jung yoong hwa)10.coffee prince (cute lead actress and cute story fun to watch)…

  7. mharicel says:




  8. joenes26 says:

    Here’s my best korean drama list:
    1. Bride of the century
    2. I hear your voice
    3.lie to me
    4. Emergency couple
    5. The heirs
    6. BOF
    7. Playfull kiss
    8. Man from the star
    9. My girlfriend is a gumiho
    10. Her legend
    11. Baker king
    12. Flower boy next door
    13. Shinning inheritance
    14. Youre beautiful
    15. Heartstring
    16. My princess
    17. My fair lady
    18. Mary him if you dare
    19. Dream high
    20. Cinderella sister

  9. Anonymous says:

    The Heirs(Best)
    Boys Over Flowers(Best)
    Playfull kiss(Best)
    Full house(Best)
    Lie To Me(Best)

  10. wass says:

    Oh my my there are more than 10.
    dramas that are done
    1.Rooftop prince 2. Missing you 3. the Moon embraces the sun 4. queen of ambition 5. secret garden 6.Arang and the magistrate 7. Time between dog and wolf 8. iljimae 9. Faith 10. innocent man 11. my love from another star 13. who are you (2013) 14. Two weeks 15. 49 days 16. sunguykwan scandal 17. miss ripley 18. my girl 19. i here your voice 20. masters sun 21. city hunter 22. marry me mary 23. winter that wind blows 24. myong wol the spy 25. my girl friend is a gumiho 26. Secret 27. boys before flowers 28.lovers 29. greatest love 30. lie to me 31. bad love 32. full house 33. hundred year inheritance
    those are my all time favorite k-dramas. no particular order
    Currently watching and love
    1 three days 2. empress ki 3. sly and single again 4. gods gift 14 days 5. bride of the century

  11. Anonymous says:

    boys over flower is the best of all

  12. skez says:

    My favorite kdrama is YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL…
    i also loved:
    1. My name is kim sam soon (The very first one i watched)
    2. Sungkyunkwan Scandal
    3. Boys over flowers
    4. Secret garden
    5. Lie to me

    i like romantic comedies …more recomendations please (rom coms only)

    • wass says:

      Rooftop Prince
      Protect the boss
      Flower boy ramyun shop
      my girl friend is a gumiho

    • Anonymous says:

      am just adding Bride of the century to my list. its greaaaaaaat
      check it out if you havnt

  13. Cammy says:

    -Love Rain – You’re Beautiful – The Heirs – Mary stayed out all night – City Hunter – Dalja Spring – Pretty Man – Full House – Winter Sonata – Protect the boss -

  14. Leila says:

    I like Playful Kiss but i like Puberty Medley more ^-^ Kwak Dong-Yeon is soo cute in it!

  15. shanks says:

    My list:
    1. Full House
    2. Autumn in my heart
    3. All in
    4. That winter the wind blows

  16. Eske says:

    I just finished the heirs OMG it’s nothing like i expected since minho was there i hoped i’ll see a tender drama.although it sometimes takes ur breath its no match for other minho dramas like faith.any ways good work everyone.hope to see better dramas with breathtaking performance.
    Sorry i talked about him only because i was a huge fun at one time.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Boys over flowers is best

  18. Aaron Marsh says:

    BOYS OVER FLOWERS or PLAYFULL KISS or personal taste

  19. 1.Coffee Prince(Amazing,each episode is interesting)
    2.Personal Taste(touching)
    3.Faith(awesome story line)
    4.My lovely kim sam soon(Romantic)
    5.City Hunter(love Lee Min Ho)
    6.49 Days(Best drama of life time)
    7.Boys over flower(Passionate)
    8.Playful kiss(Cute n enjoyable)
    9.My girl friend is a Gumiho(Nice)
    10.Secret Garden(Good)

    • Anonymous says:

      Secret Garden is number 1 for me. I’ve watched more or less than 10 korean dramas which are inspired by Secret Garden. 4 thumbs up for SG!

  20. i have watched alot of kdrama. around 50 of them.
    my top 10 dramas
    the 1st shop of coffee prince
    full house
    rooftop prince (mind blowing)
    boys over flowers
    you’re beautiful
    dream high
    dream high 2
    secret garden
    the masters’ sun(just amazing)
    49 days

  21. lucia says:

    wer to find the drama of the birth of the family?

  22. Hansini says:

    1. Playful Kiss ( I love this so much! becoz Kim Hyun Joong act is fantastic! the best romantic story!! )
    2. To the beautiful you ( Choi Min Hoo you are a cute boy.. & this story is good too.. )
    3. Boy Over Flower ( Bcoz Kim Hyun & Lee Min Hoo )
    4. Faith ( Lee Min Hoo good job!! )
    5. Full House ( This was my 1st korean drama, it is funny & romantic! )
    6. Personal taste ( Loving & funny story )
    7. 49 days ( a serious lifetime story )
    8. Ma boy ( A little funny love story!!)
    9. Dream High ( yes.. I also have a dream like this..! )
    10. School 2013 ( if I had this kind of teachers, I was change my life.. :'( )

  23. eske says:

    hey guys i just love korean drama these r among the best dramas i ever see
    -love rain
    -coffee PRINCE
    -My sassy girl
    -lie to me
    -to the beautiful you
    -sungkyankwan scandle
    -you are beautiful
    -my girl friend is a nine tailed gumiho
    -personal taste
    -city hunter
    -secret gaden
    -dream high 1
    -dream high 2
    -master of study
    these r all i can remeber for now and they r not listed in order.
    oh And if u want to see how a national agent can be such a pain and immature level 7 civil servant is here too.
    also now i am watching oh my lady and i like it so far.



  24. Nita babz says:

    -oh! my lady
    -my girlfrend is a gumiho
    -I hear your voise
    -playful kiss
    -you’re beautiful
    -49 days
    -nice guy
    -alice in cheongdam-dong
    -secret garden
    -flower boy ramyun shop

  25. ghita says:

    1 faith
    2 city hunter
    3 boys over flowers
    4 heartstrings
    5 shut up flower boy band
    6 love rain
    7 you’re beautiful
    8 creating destiny
    9 k pop the ultimate audition
    10 dream high
    11 dream high 2
    12 my girl
    13 protecting the boss
    14 playful kiss

  26. Anonymous says:

    Boys before flower,u’re beautiful,city hunter,my g.f is gumiho is best dramas

    • Anonymous says:

      boys over flowers,playfull kisses,my girl,personal taste,city hunter,cofee prince is best always

  27. MuahxxZADAO says:

    My Top Korean drama all time

    1-My Girlfriend Gumiho
    2-Full House
    4-City Hunter
    6-Shining Inheritance
    7-Hong Gil Dong
    8-Romance town
    9-I Miss U
    11-Lie To Me
    12-Coffee Shop
    13-Personal Taste

    And Many more~….mny of them are Romance Comedy

    • Stephanie Love says:

      The Best Korean Drama for me is :
      1.Boys Over Flower
      2.Playing Kiss
      3.Secret Garden
      4.The Baker King
      5.To the beautiful you
      6.Dong Yi

  28. Alize says:

    My top five:
    1. Flower Boy Next Door
    2. Heartstrings
    3. Boys Over Flowers
    4. To The Beautiful You
    5.Personal Taste

  29. tenxin says:

    #1 Marry stayed out all night
    #2 You are beautiful
    #3 Playful Kiss
    #4 Love Rain
    #5 Boys Over Flower
    #6 City Hunter
    #7 Personal Taste

  30. sujana says:

    i lick so much koran derma

  31. kfan says:

    few of drama thats in my possession,
    -lovers in paris
    -my girl
    -sassy girl chun hyang
    -success story of a bright girl
    -my love patzzy
    -rooftop prince
    -ma boy
    -dream high 1
    -dream high 2
    -sungkyungkwan scandal
    -moon that embraces the sun
    -flower boy next door
    -marry me mary
    -painter of the wind
    -autumn in my heart
    -dae jang geum
    -dr jin
    -you’re beautiful
    -summer scent
    -spring waltz
    -gentlemen dignity
    -he who can’t get married
    -king of baking tak goo
    -sweet 18
    -18 vs 29
    -full house
    -full house take 2
    -baby faced beauty
    -beethoven virus
    -can’t lose
    -cinderella stepsister
    -wonderful life
    -my love patzzy
    -city hall
    -city hunter
    -coffee house
    -1st shop coffee prince
    -dalja’s spring
    -i am sam
    -equator man
    -foxy lady
    -god of study
    -to the beautiful you
    -history of salaryman
    -hong gil dong
    -the return of iljimae
    -secret garden
    -i love lee tae ri
    -i miss you
    -i do i do
    -the princess man
    -my princess
    -sweet spy
    -school 2013
    -reply 1997
    -queen in hyun’s man
    -can you hear me?
    -my lovely kim sam soon
    -tree of heaven
    -my fair lady
    -oh my lady
    -my girlfriend is a gumiho
    -my 19 year old sister in law
    -personal taste
    -palyfull kiss
    -protect the boss
    -romance town
    -still marry me
    -winter sonata
    -world within
    -witch yoo hee
    -you’re beautifull
    -myungwol the spy
    -and many more interesting movie….

  32. Fer Douz says:

    U guys .. seriusly watch kim takgu baking. Serious ly the best drama .. forme its best as bof … owhh and for me the character in the dram was so real and alive ….

  33. Anonymous says:

    its bandita….4m india…..i usd 2 watch korean dramas….n watchd many f dem…among alll i lykd….
    BOF,U R BEAUTIFUL ,MY GIRL ,briliant legacy,playful kiss,my g.f gumiho ,secret gardn n dream high da most…..m jst loving dz dramas…

  34. ASH says:


    • sluci says:

      Seriously watch boys before flowers its every thing me and my friend didn’t sleep for days because we was up watching it… so addictive cute funny tence and everything

  35. korean drama fanatic says:

    My list is just based on what I have already seen:

    1. Boys Over Flowers
    2. Jewel in the Palace
    3. Playful Kiss
    4. Baker King (or King of Baking)
    5. Coffee Prince
    6. Endless Love
    7. Full House
    8. Queen Seon Deok (only because of Bidam haha)

    Unfortunately, I cannot remember the others at this time :-)

  36. Anonymous says:

    1. The Princess Man
    2. Secret Garden
    3. Shining Inheritance
    4. The King 2 Heart
    5. Cinderella Sister
    6. Dong Yi
    7. Innocent Man aka Nice Guy
    8. Sunkyungkwan Scandal
    9. Love Rain
    10. Lie to Me
    11. Stairway to Heaven
    12. Wonderful Life
    13. East of Eden
    14. Princess Hours
    15. Full House
    16. Autumn in my Heart
    17. Spring Waltz
    18. Save me the Last Dance
    19. Love Story in Harvard

  37. well, i havent seen many korean dramas..these are the ones i watch (in order):
    1.playful kiss
    2.you’re beautiful
    3. My girl
    4. Heartstrings
    5. My girlfriend is a nine tailed fox
    6. to the beautiful you!
    and i started watching secret garden’s 1st episode, but i couldn’t understand anything!..
    Anyone know any drama with teen, high school and relationships..?
    plus i want a drama which is emotional and which would make me cry..
    and i’m not from korea..i’m from maldives an we don’t get your channels…so pleeeeese suggest some gooood dramas for me!
    thanxx :D

    • stephanie says:

      boys over flower is a good drama …. other than that five fingers is a good moie .. that is my suggestion ..

    • Anonymous says:

      Boys over Flowers and Dream High (1 and 2)…
      But I guess you could count Goong (princess hours) in too :D

    • Anonymous says:

      boys over flower,sunkyungkwan scandal, rooftop prince, personal taste, city hunter and faith ( the first and the last three are with Lee Min Ho :X )

    • k-drama fan says:

      here are the list of dramas you may like:
      dream high 1- good plot, idol actors and the end is really good.
      ma boy- only 3 episodes. but the story is really good and ends well.
      queen in hyuns man- really good, romantic drama. dont skip the historical part. end is reall good. will make you cry. has got really good romantic scenes.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Dream high 1&2, big, my gf is gumiho, lie to me, secret garden, 49 day, BOF, you are beautiful, mary stayed out all night, protect boss, full house, my girl, greatest love….banyak lagi…. Tp wat ms ni, ni je yg ingt!:-)

  39. chell0920 says:

    -nice guy
    -princess man
    -moon embracing the sun
    -49 days
    -princess hours
    -city hunter
    -sunkyungkwan scandal
    -queen inhyun’s man
    -rooftop prince
    -arang and the magistrate
    -my gf is a gumiho
    -a love to kill
    -winter sonata
    -and many more……

  40. Anonymous says:

    for me top 10 fav. korean drama

  41. celle says:

    -sungkyunkwan scandal
    -secret garden
    -my gf is a gumiho
    -endless love series
    -shining inheritance
    -ma boy
    -you’re beautiful
    -dream high
    -dong yi
    -shut up flower boy band
    -moon embracing the sun
    -stairway to heaven
    -tree of heaven
    -miss mermaid
    -temptation of a wife
    -coffee prince
    -stairway to heaven
    -49 days
    -return of the iljimae
    -my girl
    -princess’ man
    -queen seon dok
    -smile, donghae
    -queen inhyun’s man
    -city hunter

  42. farnoosh says:

    1.beethoven virus 2.east of eden 3.secret garden 4.boys over flowers 5.three dads one mom 6.tamna island

  43. Anonymous says:

    i love city hunter ans mischevious kiss anyone know any similar ones?

  44. Anonymous says:

    my favorite korean dramas:
    1- dalja’s spring
    2- taming of the heir
    3- full house
    4- jewel in the palace
    5- memories of bali
    6- purity
    7- pasta
    8- secret garden
    9- summer beach
    10- hwang jin yi
    11- sungkyunkwan scandal
    12- my fair lady
    13- hello my ;lady
    14- babyfaced beauty
    15- the successful story of a bright girl
    16- and so on

  45. Nety says:

    Guys please do ou know some new korean teen drama please answer me

  46. Nety says:

    Well! The best korean dramas i ever seen :
    1- heartstrings ( with park shin hye and jung yong hwa cn blue)
    2- playful kiss
    3- protect the boss
    4- becoming a billoinnaire
    5- city hunter
    6- ma boy
    7- secret garden
    8- you’re beautiful (with park shin hye and jung yong hwa cn blue)
    9- Shining Inheritance
    10- personal taste (with lee min ho)
    11- boys over flowers ( with lee min ho and kim bum)
    12- Flower boy, ramyun shop! ( so funny)
    and that’s it! hope u guys like these dramas

  47. Jinel says:

    Boys 0ver fl0wer,my girl,my girl friend is gumiho,shut up flower boy band

  48. fla says:

    49 days is the best

  49. Glass Slippers
    Full House
    Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang
    Boys Before Flowers
    Brilliant Legacy
    You are Beautiful
    Oh My Lady
    God Of Study
    Cinderella’s Sister
    Baker King KimTakGu
    Prosecutor Princess
    Secret Garden
    49 Days
    Dream High
    City Hunter

  50. LI says:

    1. Mischievious kiss
    2. Boy over flower
    3. My girlfriend is a gumiho
    4. flower boy ramun shop
    5. Baker king, Kim Tak Gu

  51. pinaymommy26 says:

    Boys over Flowers
    Mischievous/Playful Kiss
    Secret Garden
    A Gentleman’s Dignity (Just finished watching this!)
    Shining Inheritance
    Love Rain
    You’re Beautiful
    Personal Taste/Preference
    City Hunter
    My GF is a Gumiho

  52. pinaymommy26 says:

    My list of K-drama consist of

    1. Boys over Flowers

  53. karen says:

    well so far 49 days is the best…i want also to suggest the following for you to watch; (greatness in no particular order)
    bridal mask
    me too flower
    lie to me
    my princess
    time slip dr. jin
    three dads one mom
    take care of the young lady
    playfull kiss
    secret garden
    full house
    for those who are willing to watch any of these…hope you’ll have fun time watching!

  54. kdramadaebak says:

    For me, the best 10 goes to; My Girl, My Girl, My Girl, My Girl, Sassy Girl Chun Hyang, Boys Over Flowers, Secret Garden, Rooftop Prince, To The Beautiful You and Sorry I Love You. ^_^

  55. Rasika says:

    1 Playful Kiss (only reason KHJ. Love You soooooooooooooooooo much)
    2 Autumn in my Heart (beautiful love story.)
    3 Full House (My first korean drama)
    4 Shining inheritance (itz amaizng)
    5 Coffee Prince (i love dis.wowwwwwwwwwwww)
    6 Goong (bt i feel sorry abt Yul)
    7 City hunter (perfect Lee Min Ho .lov u)
    8 Personal taste (Love U Lee Min Hoo)
    9 Secret garden (hyun Bin is grt)
    10 BOF (my both prince r here. My ever loving prince Kim Hyun Joong and handsom Lee min Hoo)
    11 heartstrings
    12 You r beautiful
    13 My girl (she is awsm.vry beautiful )
    14 My girl friend is Gumiho
    15 Lie to me
    16 Rooftop Prince
    17 Sungkyunkwan Scandal
    18 49 days
    19 Ma boy
    20 Love rain

    Oh i forgt abt My princess.itz also my no 13………………………………………….

  56. Anonymous says:

    10 Fav’s in no particular order:

    Playful Kiss, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Full House, Coffee Prince, You’re Beautiful, Queen InHyun’s Man, Secret Garden, Protect the Boss, The Partner, Heartstrings.

  57. Ashish says:

    I am currently watching Faith and to the beautiful You……………

  58. KRkid says:

    1. Queen In Hyun’s man
    2. City Huner
    3. Time of wolf and dog
    4. Rooftop prince
    5. Snow Queen
    6. Dream High
    7. Full House
    8. Secret Garden
    9. 49 days
    10. Sungkyunkwan Scandal

    Nothing beats Queen in Hyun’s man

    • jovelyn dayto agcaoili says:

      i think all.. the drama produce by korean is so great ,,really really great
      i’m a solid fan of korea however i’m a filipino ^^
      the best ..

  59. Anonymous says:


  60. Anonymous says:

    i like dream hight and rooftop prince

  61. Anonymous says:

    1. Dream High
    2. The moon embracing the sun
    3. Rooftop prince
    4. Lie to me

  62. olivelle1 says:

    Hello Everyone!

    I just want to share the ones on my list!

    1. Dong Yi (this is a very good drama, I must say. The best one for me. Han Hyo Joo is brilliantly good.)
    2. Full House (cutest pair ever)
    3. Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance (I so love Han Hyo Joo here)
    4. Autumn in my Heart
    5. Spring Waltz
    6. Winter Sonata
    7. 49 Days
    8. IlJimae
    9. Boys Over Flowers
    10. Jewel in the Palace.

    Thanks for sharing your list as well… Dong Yi is really nice… I am a fan!

  63. julia says:

    1) Autumn in my heart
    2 I’m sorry i love you
    3 love rain
    4 full house
    6boy over flowers
    7 snow queen
    8prinsess hours

  64. marse says:

    my gf is a gumiho
    you’re beautiful
    personal taste
    city hunter
    mary stayed out all night
    playful kiss
    boys over flower

  65. Anonymous says:

    i think,u should try “man of honor”..
    it make u cry from the start untill the end of the epiosode..

  66. Anonymous says:

    My List :
    1. Full house
    2. My girl
    3. My princess
    4. Boys over flower
    5. Coffee prince
    6. Sungkyunwan sandal
    7. Princess hour
    8. Secret garden
    9. A Love to kill
    10. Rooftop prince

  67. Anonymous says:

    ¿Where’s Boys Over Flowers? That’s the best one!

  68. My list :>(*)<:
    Boys over flowers
    Secret garden
    Rooftop prince
    City hunter
    Playfull kiss
    49 days
    King 2 hearts
    Protect the boss
    My girlfriend is a gumiho
    You're beautiful
    Dream high
    My princess
    Coffee prince

    • asia4you says:

      I like your Drama List

    • Bernice says:

      I agree. Love your list
      I like(in no particular order)
      Moon Embracing the Sun
      Dream High
      49 Days
      Dong Yi
      Boys Before Flowers
      Sungkyunkwan Scandal
      Rooftop Prince
      The King 2 Hearts
      Playful Kiss
      Shining Inheritance
      Coffee Prince
      Scent of a Woman
      Dr. Jin
      Secret Garden
      Queen and I
      Love Rain
      You’re Beautiful

      Has anyone seen any korean movies?
      I highly recommend
      1)A Moment to Remember (prepare box of tissues Q.Q)
      3)Speedy Scandal
      4)200 IB Beauty (love the meaning behind the movie)
      5)The Classic
      ♪♪\(^ω^\)( /^ω^)/♪♪
      and a little extra the Chinese movie Secret

    • Bernice says:

      Sorry, I wrote to much. I got excited seeing this. >x<

  69. Malithi says:

    1.Boys over flowers (BEST OF BEST)
    2.Dream High (MY FAVORITE!!!!!)
    3.Playful kiss (wOW OH HANI N BAEK SUNG JO)
    4.Love Rain (NICE LOVE STORY)
    5.Heart Strings (LOVELY LOVE STORY and i love all the songs of it)
    6.49 Days (GUYS ALL U MUST WATCH!!!)
    7.Iljimae (wOW AMAZING STORY)
    8.Secret Garden (LOVELY, CUTE N FUNNY)
    9.City Hunter (cool n adventurous )

    YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL (WOW one of my favorite drama. i love it!)

  70. quemisu says:

    Here my top 10 korean drama till now after watching about 80++ korean dramas..
    1. Full House >>> My very 1st drama all time
    2. My Girl >>> nice drama and OST
    3. Sorry I Love You…>>> this drama make me cry a lot
    4. Secret Garden >> nice couple with interesting plot drama
    5. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho >>> very nice plot drama..Hong Sisters never let me down..=)
    6. King of Baking >>> love to eat ban, croissant…nyum3
    7. Winter Sonata >>> epic love story
    8. Iljamae >>> sad hero period drama
    9. Heart String >>> no reason just really love this drama…^_^
    10. ……………….. _<'

  71. mitch1679 says:

    my top 10 kdrama ;
    1. Jewel in the Palace
    2. Boys Over Flower
    3. 49 Days
    4. City Hunter
    5. Secret Garden
    6. Lie to Me
    7. Sungkyunkwan Scandal
    8. Iris
    9. Protect the Boss
    10. Rooftop Prince – super favorite :)

  72. nikki says:

    My all time favourites…..
    1. Boys over flowers
    2. My Girl
    3. Personal taste
    4. Playfull kiss
    5. Sorry, i love you
    6. Mary stayed out all night
    7. Winter Sonata
    8. Sad love story
    9.My princess
    10.You are beautiful

  73. my list
    1. My GF Is A Gumiho
    2.City Hunter
    3.Personal Taste
    4.Sassy Girl, Chun Hyang
    5.Full House
    6.Princess Hours
    7.Coffee Prince
    8.Boys Over Flower
    9.Witch Yoo Hee
    10.Playfull Kiss
    11.Sungkyunkwan Scandal
    12.You’re Beautiful
    13.My Girl
    14.Queen Inhyun’s Man
    15.Padam Padam, The Beats of My Hearts

  74. Anonymous says:

    Slave Hunter get many awards. Have you watching it?

  75. chen says:

    i don’t like secret garden. i could not understand the story line.
    so far my fav:1 my girl 2 you are beautiful 3 stairway in heaven 4 my name is kim sun shun 5 sorry, i love you 6 playful kiss 7 midas 8 cross the rainbow 9 best love 10 googn 11 kim cheese radish

  76. k-drama obsession says:

    1 rooftop prince
    2 the moon embracing the sun
    3 princess man
    4sungkynkwan scandal
    4. spy myeol
    5 boys over flowers
    5. playfull kiss
    6 east of eden
    7lie to me
    8 princess hours
    9 my fair lady
    10coffee prince

  77. Claire says:

    1. The Moon that Embraces the Sun
    2. Rooftop Prince
    3. Goong
    4. Truth
    5. Shining Inheritance
    6. Delightful Girl Choon Hyang
    7. Spring Waltz
    8. Full House
    9. My Girl
    10. Wonderful Life

  78. Addina says:

    my OPINION :
    1) MY GIRL : funny and sweet !
    2) FULL HOUSE : funny,sweet and perfect couple
    3) A LOVE TO KILL ( try watch it ! Bi Rain and Shi Min Ah.Full of tears !) : sad!
    4) STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN : full of tears..
    5) WONDERFUL LIFE : cute !!!
    7) LOVE STORY IN HAVARD : romantic !
    8) WILD ROMANCE : funny,and full-coperate
    9) THE FUGITIVE : PLAN B : oh Bi Rain looks hot in this drama !!!
    10) AUTUMN IN MY HEART : sad…i miss the time <3
    enjoy it !

  79. SPMxoxo97 says:

    My Top 10:
    10. Personal Taste
    9. Sungkyunkwan Scandal
    8. City Hunter
    7. My Girl
    6. Autumn In My Heart
    5. Coffee Prince
    4. Stairway To Heaven
    3. Save Me The Last Dance
    2. Secret Garden
    1. Full House

  80. narsis says:

    these dramas I can never forget:
    1-winter sonata
    2-sorry i love you
    3-the tree of heaven
    4-the snow queen
    5-boys before flowers
    6-the full house
    7-49 days
    8-my girl
    9- Goong
    10-the princes man

  81. Anonymous says:

    Well my favourtie drama’s are!
    My girl
    Boys over flowers
    my girlfriend is a gumiho
    secret garden( even though i dint finish the entire thing)
    Playfull kiss
    Flower boy, ramyun shop! ( new and good )
    Full house
    You’re beautiful
    Mary stayed out all night
    Personal taste

    They’re all really good :)

  82. princess drama says:

    saya minat sangat drama korea ecspeceally THE PRINCESS MAN,BOYS OVER FLOWER,FULL HOUSE,MY GIRLFRIEND IS A GUMIHO,SENT FROM HEAVEN,DREAM HIGH,PRINCESS HOUR and banyak lagi………..mmg tak boringla tgk drama korean ni

    • Budak Kuantan says:

      boring tu tidaklah, tapi cerita dia banyak mengarut, mengarut yang tidak munasabah, macam cerita hindu jugak cuma takder kejar mengejar dalam taman sambil nyanyi heheh.

  83. Glyza Morala says:

    My Top 10 Best Korean Drama
    1. Endless Love
    2.Boys Over Flowers
    3.My Girl
    4.My Princess
    5. Princess Hours
    6. Mischievous Kiss
    7.My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
    8.Your’e Beautiful
    9. Heartstrings
    10.Full House

  84. Endro Aldian says:

    Kalau 3 besarnya menurut saya korean drama yang sangat layak menempati posisi tersebut adalah:
    1. Full House
    2. Enddles Love
    3. No Limit

    Apakah ada yang setuju dengan pendapat saya atau mala sebaliknya silahkan kasih komentar anda..

  85. Endro Aldian says:

    1. Full House
    2. Endless Love
    3. Love Story in Harvard
    4. Sassy Girl Chunyang
    5. Lie To Me
    6. Friends
    7. 99 Days
    8. Hotalier
    9. Winter Sonata
    10. All In

  86. Tommy says:

    Let me offer you a different view of 10 Best Korean Drama
    1 – The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince (Yoon Eun Hye taught you how to act like a boy)
    2 – Secret Garden (Hyun Bin won Actor of the Year at 47th Paeksang Arts Awards for this drama)
    3 – Shining Inheritance (Kim Mi Sook acting skill makes you wanna kill her, surreal!)
    4 – Baker King, Kim Tak Gu (With the rating almost 50% in every episode, this is a must-watch drama!)
    5 – City Hunter (Let alone Boys Over Flowers, this is what Lee Min Ho is made for)
    6 – Sorry, I Love You (Buy another pack of tissues, this drama is made for crying)
    7 – Princess Hours (Her debut acting, no one could have done it any better than Yoon Eun Hye)
    8 – Lie To Me (SOUTH KOREANS, Y U NO MAKE THIS DRAMA UR FAV! Yoon Eun Hye showed us how kissing should be done. Marvellous!)
    9 – Fashion King (A drama to follow. I AM IN LOVE WITH YOO AH IN, OTTOKE?!)
    10 – My Girl and Full House (I can’t leave either one, can I?)

    I have many to suggest, but I have to stick to the rule right, best 10. :D

  87. happy says:

    Secret garden – you’re beautiful – princess jamyung – City Hunter – Lie to me – B.O.F – playful kiss – 49 days – The princess man – time between dog and wolf

  88. carmenn says:

    BAD GAY is the best K-drama ever!

  89. Tomluvme says:

    Secret Garden, lie to me, my fair lady, myung wol the spy, the moon that embraces the sun :)

  90. Anonymous says:

    wat abt “prosecutor princess”?

  91. Last Hero says:

    i love all of korean drama ….i love it .,,, love it , love it !

  92. Denise says:

    oops! i forgot City Hunter is excellent too.

  93. Denise says:

    boys over flowers, lie to me, secret garden so far are my favorites.

  94. Lerij says:

    Secret garden iz d best.

  95. Lerij says:

    its really difficult to categorise them in top 10 kdrama..

  96. shin yuhan says:

    secret garden is the best

  97. Anonymous says:

    what bout Sorry I Love You

  98. pravalli says:

    I love Boys Over Flowers

  99. Jun says:

    Can you recomend to me which Korean drama is better to watch similar to Summer Scent ?


  100. Shadel says:

    Here’s my TOP 10, I recommend you to WATCH..
    1. PRINCESS HOURS-Soooo Romantic….
    2. MY GIRL-very Funny….
    3. FULL HOUSE (included to your TOP 10)-Perfect Couple.
    4. AUTUMN IN MY HEART-keep your handkerchief on you throuhout the series…
    5. GREEN ROSE-very suspense..
    6. FAMOUS PRINCESSES-surefired! you LOVE it!
    7. GOURMET-if you love FOODS
    9. SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME-just tried to watch!
    10. PLAYFUL KISS(MISCHIEVOUS KISS)-included to your Top 10, CUTE!

    • asia4you says:

      I have seen all of this Dramas and I like all of them.
      I have seen too much Dramas.I Know this is not the best Top 10 List.

      thank you for you Post :)

  101. Anonymous says:

    What About Boys Over Flowers Or Dream High Or Heartstrings.?

  102. Anonymous says:

    please suggest me one best $korean drama that can feat boys over flower????//

  103. Anonymous says:

    i wnat to know which one’s better, secret garden or mischievious kiss?

    • asia4you says:

      mischievious kiss is a High school , Romance, comedy drama.
      and secret garden is more a Magic drama but it is also a Romance, comady drama.

      I think, mischievious kiss is better .
      Mischievous kiss

    • priya says:

      both are good……..but watch mischievious kiss first…………..

  104. Anonymous says:

    boys over flowers????

  105. Vheena says:

    how abt Secret Garden? that’s da best i’ve ever seen…^^

  106. manh says:

    BOF n Dream High n City Hunter

  107. tashiiii says:

    boys over flowers??

  108. Anonymous says:

    why isnt dream high on here ?

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